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Strategic counsel

At Adroite all work and/or projects that we undertake for your organisation begins with a strategic discussion. Before identifying possible initiatives and making recommendations, we confirm your role and function, and the environment in which you operate. This includes, amongst other things, understanding the fundamentals of your business, talking with your stakeholders and staff, assessing how your organisation is currently perceived and what has shaped those perceptions, and understanding where you are now and where you want it to be.

This process helps us better understand the opportunities available for our clients, and allows us to identify any constraints they work under. At that point we can make recommendations of an agreed programme of activities or actions that has every chance of succeeding.

We provide strategic counsel to all our clients whilst we work through the agreed programme. Working closely with them in discussing all aspects of a programme or project, we act as a sounding board throughout.

Reputation and issues management

Working with your organisation to develop, preserve and/or enhance your reputation is the basis of our offering to you. Everything we do at Adroite is predicated on achieving this outcome.

Issues management and dealing with an urgent issue, problem or crisis can sometimes have the ‘luxury’ of time to brainstorm, plan, refine and implement. However, sometimes an issue becomes urgent (whether it’s a positive or negative issue) requiring instant decision-making and cool-headed action. When dealing with time-sensitive issues, Adroite has developed a unique template enabling us to work quickly and effectively to help our clients obtain the outcomes they desire within a very short timeframe.

Investment and financial communications

Adroite has extensive investment and financial communications experience including initial public offerings, rights issues and institutional placements, including mergers and acquisitions and other financial and investment transactions. We have sound knowledge of New Zealand's financial markets, the NZX's listing rules, and have longstanding relationships with the business and financial media. 

Media relations and media training

Media relations

We have extensive experience in obtaining bona fide editorial. We keep in regular contact with journalists who write in a wide range of media – print, broadcast (radio and television) and online – in order to present your stories and viewpoints.

Social media has become a significant component in clients' communications when they want to encourage a more one-on-one relationship with their audiences. We enjoy working with our clients in making the most of social media opportunities, encouraging them to think laterally and to have fun engaging in this most interactive medium.

Media training

We offer full media training, usually in a half-day format. Using a well developed ormula that combines an introduction of how the media works and understanding the do's and don'ts of media engagement, we then plan and record interview situations with a senior journalist.

Although our clients say the prospect of being interviewed 'live' by a senior working journalist is they say, "scary to say the least" all agree the experience has been invaluable. As well as giving our clients an excellent base to engage with the media, it has also given our participants excellent skills in any form of public presentation.

Stakeholder management

We have wide experience in stakeholder management: the strategic public relations programmes we develop and implement are generally designed to create an environment where your organisation's stakeholders – be they investors, current and potential customers, suppliers and associates or staff – have a better understanding and appreciation of the product or service you provide.

Government relations and public affairs

We have experience and expertise in developing and implementing well conceived, focused government relations/public policy programmes and projects.

This experience includes: developing and managing public information programmes; explaining new legislation and government policies; work on behalf of clients in public policy development; minimising or averting the impact of proposed regulation on businesses and other organisations; and enabling organisations to overcome regulatory hurdles by enlisting public support.

Presentation training

Offering presentations, workshops and seminars on a variety of public relations topics is an integral part of our offering.

Working with audiences as small as five people, to presenting papers at conferences with hundreds of attendees is all in a day's work for us.

We have recently made presentations to groups on:

  • Making the Most of Public Presentations (everything from media interviews to interaction with stakeholders)
  • Improving Communications: in-house and in the public arena
  • Professional Services Business Development: how to target and communicate better with clients, prospects and influencers
  • Media Training: A half day workshop combining background on how the media works, and preparation and 'live' interviews with a senior working journalist. 
  • Making the Most of Media Opportunities: how to get the outcome you want from contact with the media

We're happy to present workshops or seminars to any audience on any aspect of communications, please contact us for a tailor-made presentation for your business.

Event management

We have strong event management skills that help you to make the most of functions, client or sales presentations, conferences and product launches.

Our clients have welcomed Adroite's management skills and strong attention to detail that has always made these events exceed their expectations.

Our approach is to make an event - whatever its size - look effortless, to anticipate every move so the event runs to time, to budget and meets your objectives. And we also make sure that everyone has fun!

Editorial services

Our editorial and writing skills ensure your communications are current, accurate, timely and well-targeted to their intended audiences.

For 25 years we have worked closely with our clients and design studios to produce material that is fresh, well-designed, speaks directly to your specific audience and adds value to your bottom line.

We can help you with writing, editing and publishing newsletters, books and handbooks, magazines, website content, articles, speeches and of course public relations material such as news releases, organisational backgrounders and FAQs.

An increasing amount of our work is to manage website projects. We're work with clients and their web developers (as well as photographers) to establish - or referesh websites -that resonate with their chosen audiences, an ultimately achieve their business goals. 

Our expertise includes:

  • Project managing an entire publishing project
  • Editor services
  • Copywriting (proposals, letters to clients and stakeholders, articles, etc)
  • Subediting
  • Proof-reading, and
  • Speechwriting


We also offer Adroite Overnight, a fresh-pair-of-eyes overnight service where we will review your organisation's material for howlers and typos.

Get your material to us by 4.00pm, we will check for howlers (spelling, typos, punctuation and grammar) and have them back to you by 9.00am the next morning.

We can check your letters, newsletters, books and handbooks, brochures, website content, articles, speeches and public relations material such as news releases, organisation backgrounders and FAQs.

Our expertise includes: project management, copywriting (proposals, letters, articles, etc), proof reading, sub-editing, speechwriting and indexing.

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