We are very much part of the community in which we live. We believe it's important to be part of those organisations in which we have a personal interest or, perhaps, with those that have supported us in the past.

These organisations have a very special place with us:

Halberg Foundation: Adrienne is a life trustee of the Halberg Foundation; from 2000-2017 she was a trustee, and a member of the Foundation's Grants Committee for 13 years.

Since 2017, Adrienne has been a trustee of the Halberg Endowment Fund.

Nikau Foundation: In late 2018, Adrienne was appointed a trustee.

Te Papa: Adrienne was a member of the executive committee of the Friends of Te Papa from 2011-2018.

Royal NZ Foundation of the Blind: More of a personal thing for us. We volunteer for the street collections for the Red Puppy Appeal each year in April, and also Braille Week in October. Adrienne's family also volunteers at the RNZFB Peer Support Camp for visually impaired young people in Taupo each January.

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